You’re successful, but at what cost? Like many women professionals you began your career to do something meaningful. To make a difference. To make a living and feel secure. To work your way up and to be satisfied in your job AND your life.

But now you’re in a daily grind, perhaps feeling trapped as work has become the dominant factor in your life.

What you’d really like is more time and energy for fun, family, relationships, self-care, or what really matters to you.

I can relate.

Working with high-powered attorneys, and leading large-scale, high-visibility, multi-million-dollar programs, my career was my whole life (to the exclusion of a life-partner or anything else enjoyable).

I was all about getting it done.

A “maniac” road warrior, I traveled all the time. Once afraid I’d miss an important meeting, I jumped out of an idling cab, threw my luggage over my shoulder, and walked nearly a mile to be first in line when the airport (closed due to a bomb threat) reopened.

I was successful, but I certainly wasn’t fulfilled or even happy.

When I’d hear that clear small voice in my head say, “you’d better slow down,” or ask, “what am I doing this for?” I’d bat it away to keep going.

That is, until one fateful day.

Totally exhausted from back-to-back business trips, I fell down a flight of stairs almost breaking my neck.

Waiting in the silence of the emergency room, took on the flavor of a life review. Then and there I made a decision:

I wasn’t going to die with regrets.

I WANTED joy, happiness, and fulfillment in my work AND my life.

I was going to change my life.

Thus, began my journey. I figured out how to stay on-top-of-my-game at work while shifting into a more balanced, integrated, successful career AND life.

Now with more than 15 years of coaching and training expertise, I use the skills and strategies I developed, along with a calming presence and intuitive abilities, to help busy professionals like you, have a more fulfilling life.

Maybe you want time for a relationship that makes you feel good. Maybe you want more energy for having fun, or more time for self-care. Maybe you’re so burned out you don’t even know what you want anymore. You just know what you’ve got, isn’t it.

Imagine getting in touch with your “whole life” dreams again. Being able to access them and draw them in. Picture knowing exactly how to shift from what you don’t want, to living what you do want, and having more joy in your life because of it.

Feel what having that kind of power and confidence will give you — the freedom to create the life you’ve always wanted. Turning your career around so it’s supporting you in living a whole, rich, life rather than that empty, unfulfilled, existence that can come from solely focusing on your career alone. And, having the ultimate satisfaction that you’ve made it all happen. You turned it all around, you became the architect of the whole life you always wanted.

You can do it, and I can help.

Get started by grabbing Your Personal Assessment For Work-Life Balance Transformation in the box below. Let’s do this thing together! (And, oh, by the way, you’ll also be notified of my latest posts.)